Video Ad Testing to Optimize Media Buy

How Opera improved their campaign media buy to the right geographies and demographies

“We used Opeepl to ensure the video resonated with our target audience before investing in further media buy. We found that viewers understood the value proposition of the product and after watching the video they were likely to download our app. By further segmenting the responses, we found out with which geographies and demographics the ad performed best and are able to further focus the targeting of our digital ads.”

Sean D’Arcy
VP, Head of Marketing & Distribution

The challenge: Prioritizing the right media channels

Prior to the launch of an international TV advertising campaign, Opera wanted to test people’s reactions and attitudes towards their new commercial. The video introduces viewers to Opera Mini’s features using colorful animation combined with up­tempo music. The ads highlight core product benefits including: faster browsing, video downloads, latest news, extended data and ad blocking.

Opera wanted to find out how their new ad creative "Do More with Opera Mini" was liked and understood by their target group before investing in a large TV ad buy.

The solution: Testing the add in different geographies and segments

Opeepl’s ‘Dynamic Sampling’ technology enabled Opera to sample a selected target audience of 2,000 respondents in India, Indonesia, Nigeria and South Africa. The online mobile survey exposed participants to the new video clip and afterwards assessed participants’ understanding of the advertising message and attitude towards it, as well as their intention of downloading the app and liking or sharing the video on social media.

Marketing creative testing

Marketing campaign testing is done to optimize campaign effect by testing different visuals, headlines and/or claims with the target group ahead of a campaign launch.

The test will show which combination drives the desired results and thus optimize both ad spend and ROI for the campaign.

The research

The results showed that consumers found the video entertaining and understood the value proposition of the product. Most respondents were very likely to download the app and share the video.

The right insights optimized the TV ad spend and digital campaigns

The results of the test allowed Opera to have confidence of the ads efficiency before its debut in the market. In addition, the results allowed for more specific demographic targeting for digital campaigns.