Timely Consumer Insights in a Fast-Paced Market

How Reckitt got the right insights on the right consumers at the right time

“Opeepl has a very specific platform and robust sample to help us find insights of consumers and shoppers in children nutrition and health categories. The result gave us confidence to implement new campaigns to meet real needs of our target.”

Pongsupa Watcharasukum
Innovation/CMI Manager
Reckitt Ltd.

The challenge: Getting consumer insights fast

Reckitt Ltd. is a global consumer goods company, a producer of health, hygiene and home products. Their portfolio includes brands such as Dettol (antiseptic products), Veet (hair removal products), Gaviscon (heartburn/indigestion remedy), Enfamil (baby food) and many more.

Reckitt partner with us on a series of market research projects to confidently make valuable decisions within tight deadlines. Projects such as concept testing or shopper insights within child nutrition and health categories are aimed at understanding the preferences of specific consumer groups, e.g. mothers with children aged 0-36 months, or consumers with stomach issues.

The solution: Rethinking market research with our Dynamic Sampling technology

For each of the projects a very precise sample of specific target audiences was required, including specific quota by SEC and sales channel. All projects had tight deadlines for delivery and were completed within 1 day to 1 week using our live Dynamic Sampling technology. Furthermore, the projects met the exact quota requirements.

Dynamic Sampling technology

Our proprietary Dynamic Sampling technology works through a network of 40,000+ different global apps with more than 800 million monthly active users in 150 countries.

We can engage directly with users of these apps in terms of survey participation and incentivization, and because it requires no sign up of respondents, we can reach a larger consumer group than opt-in to panels. That means we approach normal consumers and not just panel members.

And last, but not least: because we apply the same methodology all over the world, you can survey cross-nationally and compare results.
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The research

Reckitt tracks the results of each project live from start to finish in our interactive dashboard. The dashboard's functionalities such as zooming in, applying filters and segments allows for quick analysis and key insights for decision making.

On Reckitt's request, we created insightful reports in PowerPoint and PDF formats to distribute and share the results.