"We had a great experience working with Opeepl for consumer feedback on our creative design. They were able to assist us from end-to-end from concepting through final delivery and were extremely flexible even with our expedited timelines. The insights provided from the research and reporting were crucial to our decision-making process."

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Visual, name & claim test

A visual, name and claim test tests a new name, visual, or claim for your product to identify the best performer. The research identifies which statements are most suitable for the product, let it be a visual logo, the product name, or highlighted information about the package content. This insight enables you to design your packaging to maximize the interest in the new or adjusted product according to market demands and, thus, give you the best onset for it to become a commercial success.

This research is typically carried out during the product development phase, either when developing a brand new product or adjusting an existing product.

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