Multi-Country Brand Tracking with the Right Sample Quality

How CO-RO got the sample quality they need in emerging markets

"Opeepl offers a better representation of the consumers in the markets we operate in and they are always very quick and flexible in meeting our research needs. In addition, they enable us to reach consumers in a very cost-effective manner."

The challenge

Getting the right sample quality in emerging markets

CO-RO A/S is a leading supplier of high-quality fruit-based beverages and ice lollies, distributing their products in more than 80 countries in Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia. They market regional power brands such as Sunquick, Suntop and Sun Lolly.

With most of their key markets being developing economies, CO-RO A/S faced the challenge of generating valid and representative consumer insights data from their panel-based brand trackers in countries like Kenya, Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Malaysia. It is essential for CO-RO A/S to track the entire population: not only the largest cities and high income groups, but also the lower income groups/rural population with minimal laptop/computer access.

Their main targets were to obtain a more representative consumer sample and get better access to consumers in rural areas.

The solution

Rethinking brand tracking

CO-RO A/S changed their tracking setup from being based on traditional panel sampling to a full setup with our survey software and Dynamic sampling technology. This included re-thinking of the brand tracking in order to measure key metrics such as brand awareness, brand preference and category shopping behavior more efficiently.

Today, CO-RO A/S runs the brand tracking in the 10 key markets of Saudi Arabia, Kenya, UAE, Oman, Kuwait, Bahrain, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Iraq and Iran. The tracking setup is handled by us, ensuring representative demographical blend. Data is sampled using the exact same methodology across all markets, which guarantees 100% comparable results. A custom data export has been developed to accommodate an easy data transfer to CO-RO A/S' internal dashboard.

Brand tracking

Brand tracking is about having data that illustrates how consumers recognize, associate, and perceive your company or products.

This data is important for

  • Marketing - to shape the communication that plays into consumer's perception
  • Sales - as a pulse check on how consumers perceive their brand/products, to communicate the right massaging and debunk misconceptions
  • Innovation departments - to recognize and seize opportunities to set the company apart from other competitors

Having continuous knowledge on the likability/dislike or your company/products, value for money, quality level, brand awareness, etc. should shape the actions that you take, to ensure you meet your goals and recognize potential opportunities.

It is typically done on a continuous basis for existing products or service on the market. Depending on the depth of the tracking, it should be conducted 2, 4 or 12 times a year.

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The research

The tracking is run quarterly but sampled continuously through the quarter to give the most realistic coverage. Each questionnaire includes 25-30 questions, most of which are fixed, however some are flexible to cover specific needs in relation to campaign activities, seasonality or the individual market. The questionnaire is translated into 8 languages with up to 3 different languages per country.

CO-RO A/S can follow the results live during the sampling and have an opportunity to download the data to their internal dashboard at any time. The tracking data is used for a KPI overview for CO-RO A/S management.

The outcome

The right data optimizes the market approach

After evaluating the first tracking rounds, CO-RO A/S experienced a higher degree of correspondence between the tracking results and the reality in the individual markets. This was supported by a wider and more diverse respondent base which, to a higher degree, is representative of the different markets' populations.

Today, the tracking data is a vital part of the management reporting as a tool for spotting performance and development in key markets. In addition, the tracking data is used by the local sales organisations to optimize the market approach and identify trends.

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