Ad Visual & Headline Test in Target Segments

How Danone Aqua Indonesia tested their ad variants to match their target segments

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The challenge

Optimizing ad spend to the best visual and headline

Danone Aqua in Indonesia wanted to test four choices of key visuals and two choices of headlines for their international ad campaign, in which they are creating a positive sympathetic attitude of consumers towards Danone Aqua by connecting sports (soccer) & refreshments with family. The purpose was to understand which visual and headline were the most appealing to targeted consumers of Danone Aqua.

The solution

Testing ad variants in the target segments

Using a marketing creative test, we exposed the target audience for the four ad variants. The sample results met all the target audience requirements and gave a reliable relevant consumer preference to identify the preferred visual and headline for the campaign.

Marketing creative test

A marketing creative test tests different visuals (both pictures and videos) with the target group. It is conducted either ahead of launching a campaign or part of a campaign to make sure the visuals released broadly generate the right associations, emotions, and actions within the target group. The research is often coupled with marketing claim test to optimize your ad spending and campaign ROI.

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The research
The outcome

Choosing the right visual, headline and claim for the target audience

Danone Aqua was able to choose the best-performing combination of visual, headline and claim for their target group based on the test that even gave them insights on their target group's preferences in rural areas.

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