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Lantmännen Unibake UK - COVID-19 Product Offering

See how fresh pastry producer Lantmännen Unibake UK changed and validated their product offering to a new consumer reality.

“We wanted to quickly identify the attitude towards purchasing of such pastries and draw comparisons between the pre-, during- and post- lockdown times. Thanks to Opeepl’s agility in setting up and launching the survey, not only did we receive the results within a few hours but we were also able to make informed recommendations to our retail partners.”
Paulina Górska
Marketing Manager
Lantmännen Unibake UK

Nestlé - Early Stage Concept Qualification

Nestlé’s Global Ice Cream R&D Unit in California, USA wanted to speed up the process of evaluating and qualifying early stage concepts globally in order to streamline the process from idea to market.

Nestlé used the results to decide which concepts to focus on going forward in the concept development process and which concepts to discard. Furthermore, the standardized early stage concept testing has become an internal standard to evaluate all future concepts before going into later stages of concept development.

Just Eat - Pre/Post Brand Metrics Test

See how we helped the Just Eat Marketing team conduct a pre/post dip analysis to understand whether their student activities in Italy were generating any brand warmth/buzz.

"We were looking for a partner to help us reach some tough audiences - university students. Our marketing team had done a lot of work to target students and we wanted to get some pre and post brand metrics to understand the impact of all of our activities. The survey activities were only focused on specific university areas across Italy, so we had to be even more targeted."
Liam Laville
Global Insights Controller
Just Eat

CO-RO Multi Country Brand Tracking

CO-RO, a leading global supplier of fruit-based soft drinks, faced the challenge of generating valid and representative consumer insights. After transferring the brand trackers to Opeepl, CO-RO experienced a better and more realistic sample composition.

"We have used Opeepl as our preferred provider of respondents since 2016 and we are very happy with the cooperation. Opeepl offers a better representation of the consumers in the markets we operate in and they are always very quick and flexible in meeting our research needs. In addition, they enable us to reach consumers in a very cost effective manner."
Erik Månsson
Global Insight Manager

Reckitt Benckiser and Better Decisions

Reckitt Benckiser partners with Opeepl on a series of market research projects in order to confidently make valuable decisions within tight deadlines. All projects had tight deadlines for delivery and were completed within 1 day to 1 week using Opeepl’s live Dynamic Sampling Technology.

"Opeepl has a very specific platform and robust panel to help us find insights of consumers and shoppers in Children Nutrition and Health categories. The result gave us confidence to implement new campaigns to meet real needs of our target."
Pongsupa Watcharasukum
Innovation/CMI Manager
Reckitt Benckiser Ltd.

Danone Aqua - Ad Visual & Headline Test

Danone-Aqua in Indonesia tested key visuals and headlines for their international ad campaign in order to understand which ones were the most appealing to their targeted consumers.

"Opeepl provides a very easy interface and way of reporting compared to other platforms I have used before. We are delighted that Opeepl is capable to provide a better distribution of panel compared to other agencies we have worked with."
Ashish Verma
Head of Strategy & Insights
Danone Aqua Indonesia

Opera - Video Test

Prior to the launch of an international TV advertising campaign, Opera wanted to test people’s reactions and attitudes towards their new commercial.

"We have used Opeepl to get invaluable consumer insights across multiple countries with a speed that can’t be found elsewhere. It’s insanely fast. Whether we want to assess the awareness of a product or test a new video, Opeepl’s technology enables us to get results from our international market in a matter of hours."
Sean D’Arcy
VP, Head of Marketing & Distribution