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What our happy clients say about us

"We had a great experience working with Opeepl for consumer feedback on our creative design. They were able to assist us from end-to-end from concepting through final delivery and were extremely flexible even with our expedited timelines. The insights provided from the research and reporting were crucial to our decision-making process."

"Opeepl offers a better representation of the consumers in the markets we operate in and they are always very quick and flexible in meeting our research needs. In addition, they enable us to reach consumers in a very cost-effective manner."

"The survey results are very interesting, we got a clearer picture of the category consumers, how our brand performs and how to improve the brand performance with marketing communication. We also saw clear indications that we can optimize the base price per unit. We will be using the results to adjust the target groups for the digital marketing campaigns."

"We were looking for a partner to help us reach some tough audiences - university students. Our marketing team had done a lot of work to target students and we wanted to get some pre and post brand metrics to understand the impact of all of our activities. The survey activities were only focused on specific university areas across Italy, so we had to be even more targeted. Opeepl were capable of targeting these areas and get enough respondents. The sample and speed was great - I was very impressed with how quickly they did achieve."

"We have used Opeepl to get invaluable consumer insights across multiple countries with a speed that can’t be found elsewhere. It’s insanely fast. Whether we want to assess the awareness of a product or test a new video, Opeepl’s technology enables us to get results from our international markets in a matter of hours. By further segmenting the responses, we found out with which geographies and demographics the ad performed best and are able to further focus the targeting of our digital ads.”

"Opeepl has a very robust sample to help us find insights on consumers and shoppers in the Children Nutrition and Health categories. The result gave us confidence to implement new campaigns to meet real needs of our target."

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