Client journey analysis

A client journey analysis maps the journey of the consumer when they purchase a specific product or service.

It is usually carried out early in the product innovation process or post product launch. It is a common way to reveal the consumer journey within a specific product category, from initial awareness to final purchase.

Through the definition of key moments in the consumer journey, the client journey analysis gives an understanding of the consumer decision-making process, highlighting the touchpoints which are particularly important for product/service selection. These factors may include advice/recommendations from others, media and ad-campaigns and product/brand awareness.

Key insights from a client journey analysis

  • Reach and influence for touchpoints
  • Most important touchpoints for maximum consumer reach
  • Changes in touchpoint importance throughout the consumer journey
  • Consumer journeys for different consumer segments

The insights gained from a client journey analysis provide you with an understanding of which touchpoints should be prioritized by your company, when the different touchpoints are most relevant during the consumer journey and how to best achieve maximum reach for your target groups.

We work with several methodologies typically utilized in a client journey analysis, such as TURF analysis, Latent Class Analysis and consumer segmentation methods.


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