Concept testing

Concept testing evaluates one or more concepts and identify their strengths and weaknesses.

This is carried out during the innovation process. With a concept test, a range of KPIs are measured for one or more concepts which have made it through the concept qualification.

The main contribution of the concept test is to identify the concept's strengths and weaknesses across these KPIs such as likability, purchase intent, differentiation and brand coherence and will ultimately decide whether the concept is good enough to continue into product development. If more concepts are tested against each other in the concept test, you will be able to identify the most suitable concept for the given audience.

Key insights from our concept test

  • Concept KPI ratings
  • Overall concept score and main factors
  • Concept strengths & weaknesses
  • Concept selection
  • Concept attribute evaluation

A concept test will provide you with the needed insights to select one or more of the best performing concepts to carry into product development.Whether you are looking to test a single concept through monadic testing or multiple concepts through sequential monadic testing, we will find the bestsolution for you.

We offer the relevant methodologies to go along with the concept testing, such as MaxDiff design for concept selection and conjoint analysis for concept attribute evaluation.


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