Usage & attitude test

A usage and attitude test gives you a general understanding of a how a product is perceived and used by the consumers.

It is typically an ad-hoc study performed on existing products in the market in order to uncover usage patterns, product or service attitudes and unmet consumer needs. As such, it is an agile way of responding to perceived trends in the market which may require a product/service modification or other initiatives to strengthen the market position.

The key aspects of a usage and attitude test is to provide the knowledge needed to initialize, for example, a new concept ideation process, a new campaign or the upgrading of an existing product.

Key insights from a usage and attitude test

  • Consumer usage patterns
  • Attitudes towards existing products/services
  • Attitudes towards top competitor brands and product/services
  • New product opportunities

With a usage and attitude test, you get the needed insights for the decision-making process regarding the next steps for a given product or service.

The usage and attitude test is the most common request, and we have built a strong portfolio of methodologies which can be tailored to your needs.


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