We reach better & more

Big or small, urban or rural our sampling technology reaches your target groups.

Sample any audience - big or small

With our Dynamic Sampling technology you can sample any audience among more than 800 million consumers globally - all via the same methodology ideal for cross-national comparisons. That means you can can filter and target with great precision and sampling volume, even incident rates down to 1% and down to 10% without additional cost.

Dynamic Sampling

Our proprietary Dynamic Sampling technology works through a network of 40,000+ different global apps with more than 800 million monthly active users in 150 countries.

We engage directly with users of these apps in terms of survey participation and incentivization, and because it requires no sign up of respondents, we can reach a larger consumer groups than opt-in to panels.

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Reach specific target audiences

We excel at reaching specific target audiences. Here are a few examples:

Moms with infants

Many factors influence the attitude and behavior of (expectant) moms with respect to products to buy for their child:
• Health issues
• Economic circumstances
• Cultural aspects
• Shopping behavior
• Competition
• Etc.

With the limited period to act and react towards these influences, it is key to understand the moms effective and fast. With us you can rely on actionable insights by reliable samples across the globe.

Young men

Young men live a life in the fastlane as consumers, quickly evolving their preferences and aspirations to new trends and beliefs.

These developments are crucial for any consumer brand with young men in their target group to stay on top of in order to offer them products and services that the target segment considers relevant.

But young men are difficult to reach through static panels. That’s where our proprietary mobile Dynamic Sampling comes in handy; by offering respondents incentives relevant for them in the moment in the apps they already use, we can sample young men anywhere in the world – fast.

Affluent people

High income audiences are one of the most commercially interesting target groups for obvious reasons. As consumers they are picky, they are often first-movers on new technology, willing to pay more for good quality and your product or service needs to stand out in a crowded ocean of competitors.

They are also hard to reach in market research because they generally do not bother taking surveys.

We incentivize respondents offering them instant rewards in the apps they already use and because our proprietary
Dynamic Sampling technology do not require any sign up meaning it is GDPR compliant and commitment-free for respondents, we can sample affluent people anywhere in the world – fast.

Hard-to-reach markets

Hard-to-reach markets are markets difficult to sample through static panels simply because it is challenging to recruit panel members. But the opinions of consumers in these markets are as important as in any markets, so naturally you need those in your market research, too.

Through our proprietary
Dynamic Sampling technology, we help brands get their consumer insights in all their markets in all target groups.

Gamers & bettors

Gamers and online bettors are specific target groups oftentimes hard to reach via traditional research methods, simply because they do not bother to sign up for panel memberships. Why not survey them in their natural inhabitant, where they spend (most of) their free time anyway; gaming and betting on their mobile phones?

We sample gamers and online gamblers using our
Dynamic Sampling technology that targets respondents via 40,000+ mobile apps (including gaming and betting apps) and offers access to your target audience(s) which cannot be found elsewhere.