We reach better & more

Big or small, urban or rural, our sampling technology reaches your target groups.

Sample any audience - big or small

With our Dynamic Sampling technology you can sample any audience among more than 800 million consumers globally. That means you can can filter and target with great precision and sampling volume, even incident rates down to 1%. Also, we use the same sampling methodology in all countries, enabling you to easily make cross-national comparisons.

With us you can

Sample any audience

Sample among more than 800 million consumers in 150 countries in any target group.
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Sample all your markets

We have an outstanding reach in markets panel providers cannot reach at all.
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Enjoy transparent pricing

We aim to lessen complexity in market research. That extends to our pricing model.
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How we sample

We sample using our Dynamic Sampling technology that works through networks of 40,000+ apps, enabling you to research among more than 800 million consumers in 150 countries.

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We can reach your target audience

Whether your target group is defined broad or narrow, we can reach them thanks to our Dynamic Sampling technology that samples through networks of mobile apps. And we simply all have a smartphone in our pocket and we all use apps all the time.

We have researched target groups defined by common criteria such as gender, age, family type, income level, mobile device brand/type, etc., to more narrow criteria like dietary choices, horse ownership, brand preference, lifestyle choices, specific diagnosis, etc.

Here are a few examples:

We can reach all your markets

Hard-to-reach markets are markets difficult to sample through static panels simply because it is challenging to recruit panel members. However, we all have a smartphone in our pocket, wherever we are, and that is what we make your advantage through our Dynamic Sampling technology.

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Transparent pricing for your convenience

Because we use the same sampling technology worldwide, we can offer you a transparent pricing model based on the markets you need to sample and the incident rate of your target audience. Sample incident rates down to 1% - and down to 50% without additional cost - with us.