Truly global sampling

Reach all your markets with us

Your product, packaging, pricing, and marketing need to take national differences across your markets into account. However, consumers are increasingly hard to recruit for panel providers and in some markets it is simply impossible.

We have solved that with our proprietary Dynamic Sampling technology that samples through mobile apps, enabling you to research among more than 800 million consumers from any demography in 150 countries.

We sample in 150 countries

We cover all of your markets, too. This includes otherwise hard-to-reach markets where our sampling technology has proven to deliver unique sampling speed and coverage.

That comes with a lot of benefits: research all your markets using one provider for less complexity and get insights that are easily comparable to speed up your time-to-market.

One methodology worldwide

As an international brand you probably work with a range of suppliers for your quantitative market research projects across your markets. With Dynamic Sampling, you can research all your markets using one, uniform methodology. This does not only simplify project management, it also heightens the comparability in the data collected making your analysis easier and cutting short your time-to-market.

Any audience anywhere

We deliver insights to clients worldwide: with our Dynamic Sampling technology you too can sample any audience among more than 800 million consumers globally - all via the same methodology making your insights ideal for cross-national comparisons.

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