Market adaptation

When conditions change, so should you. We help you react faster to sudden consumer movements

Keep up with reality

Reality eats strategy for breakfast, right? Whether it's a pandemic, regional conflict, natural disasters, or supply chain issues, rapid changes in market conditions can affect your business at the speed of light.

We help you keep up with consumers when quick adjustments and decisions are needed.

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Market offer

Adjust your market offer with the assess, adjust & validate model

When sudden changes require sudden reaction, it is crucial to act on insights and implement them fast. We offer a market profiling framework to help you do just that with our 3 step model:

  • Assess your market(s)
    The initial assessment estimates your current market potential and help you identify new opportunities as well as disclose potential pitfalls
  • Adjust your offering
    Next you adjust your product/service, develop new products & services and/or organize alternative distribution channels, depending on the results of the initial assessment
  • Validate your offering
    Finally, we test your new product/service to validate the potential. You can then select and launch the winners and thus optimize your marketing spend and ROMI

Market profiling

A market profiling maps the current market situation and identify new opportunities. It is an explorative discovery of consumer preferences and can be used to identify product need or desire not currently met, or to determine which adjustments are needed to meet changes in market demands, how to best comply with new market conditions, or how to approach new target groups.

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We helped Lantmännen when Covid-19 hit:

Category Assessment Amidst a Pandemic

The Covid-19 pandemic, resulting in a nationwide lockdown, posed a serious challenge to Lantmännen Unibake UK's current offering of mainly self-serve, single pastries.Therefore, they initiated an assessment of the category to help the retail partners adjust their offering. Learn how our asses, adjust and validate framework helped them respond fast and data-driven to changed consumer behavior.
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Get the sale with the right price point

In the current market situation of increasing inflation and decreasing consumer confidence, many brands conduct price elasticity studies. And with good reason: offering consumers the right price point maximizes the revenue opportunity and can build long-term consumer loyalty.

Brands have several opportunities to identify their optimal pricing strategy in a changed market situation:

  • Testing price adjustments vs change in packaging sizes
  • Determine price elasticity to determine when changed pricing will affect demand
  • Identifying optimal pricing points for adjusted pricing

Pricing stydy

The purpose is to identify the best price range for one or more products or services based on consumer preferences. Through balancing the product or service price against consumer expectations, a pricing study will provide the foundation for maximizing revenue for a new or adjusted product or service.

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We helped Tyson Foods study their pricing & messaging:

"The survey results are very interesting, we got a clearer picture of the category consumers, how our brand performs and how to improve the brand performance with marketing communication. We also saw clear indications that we can optimize the base price per unit. We will be using the results to adjust the target groups for the digital marketing campaigns."