Streamlined concept testing

Standardize, democratize and accelerate your time-to-market for new products with a streamlined custom concept testing framework

Launch the products consumers want

Consumers move at the speed of light and trends come and go faster than many brands can say consumer trends analysis. That is why 95% of launched products are not commercially viable; consumer brands are behind because their time-to-market is long and following trends require agility.

Building a streamlined concept testing framework for your brand can help you reach that agility and minimize risk you are launching new products that consumers are already over or never desired in the first place.

Concept qualification

Qualifies and selects the best performing concept ideas among a larger pool of concept ideas. It’s a "kill your darlings" approach, so that winning concepts are developed faster.

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Concept test

Identifies strengths and weaknesses across KPIs such as likability, purchase intent, differentiation and brand coherence giving you the basis for deciding whether the concept is good enough to continue into product development. If more concepts are tested against each other, the most suitable concept for the given audience is identified.

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Concept development framework

A framework for your quantitative market research in the concept development process enables you to maximize effect of your market research resources:

  • Standardize
    Standardized way of working tailored to your brand ensuring coherence with internal workflows
  • Democratize
    A streamlined way-of-working
    enables more team members to get insights without assistance from internal market researchers saving internal resources
  • Shorten time-to-market
    One sampling methodology reaches all target groups ages 18 to 60 years old everywhere in the world.

We built Nestlé's framework:

Early Concept Testing to Reduce Time-to-Market

Nestlé’s Global Ice Cream R&D Unit sped up the process of evaluating and qualifying early stage concepts globally in a streamlined process from idea to market. Learn how we helped them build the new framework.
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Ready to standardize, democratize and accelerate your time-to-market with a concept testing framework?

Building the framework

The objective is to establish a streamlined process for testing and qualifying early-stage concepts/ideas that ensures the necessary insights and is user-friendly in both conducting the research and concluded on the research results.

Building the framework includes:

Custom questionnaire template
Custom questionnaire templates for concept qualification and concept test matching your brand based on our extensive knowledge on best-practice. That means your team only need to add concept descriptions, prices, and visuals from round to round

Custom report template
Custom report template to get you from raw data to actionable insights. A concept qualification reporting typically includes an overview of scores with a presentation concluding on the best performing concepts (e.g., measured by purchase intent and brand associations). For concept testing the concept is scored based on concept likability, purchase intent, differentiation evaluation, and associations, etc.

Why we are the right partner for you

We have a proven success record in developing and implementing automated standards for FMCG giants.

Through our proprietary Dynamic Sampling technology, we have a solid reach of any consumer brands' core target audiences - and we sample with the same methodology in all markets worldwide ensuring comparable insights.

Last, but not least: with us you get one-point-of-contact in a clever and streamlines setup that helps you test faster, save time in the product development process while saving on test cost and man hours.