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We sample gamers and online bettors in any country in the world with Dynamic Sampling - proven and recognized by our clients.

Sampling examples include:

  • 2,000 gamers who play/played specific games in 12 hours in USA and China
  • 400+ users of a specific gambling platform who gamble at least once a month in 34 days in Ghana
  • 600+ online bettors aged 18-60 y.o. in 20 days in Nigeria
  • 2,200 parents with kids who play video games in 20 days in the Nordics (Danmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland)

Category knowhow & experience

We deliver insights for clients in multiple regions & countries around the globe:

  • Product concept testing. e.g. new game concepts & new game characters
  • Consumer segmentation
  • Visual test
  • Marketing creative test
  • Marketing campaign effectiveness
  • Etc.
Reach the most digital audience with the most digital sampling technology

Former projects we have done in this segment include

Creative test

"We had a great experience working with Opeepl for consumer feedback on our creative design. They were able to assist us from end-to-end from concepting through final delivery and were extremely flexible even with our expedited timelines. The insights provided from the research and reporting were crucial to our decision-making process."

Michael Lee

Brand Director

CCP Games

Usage & attitude test

We surveyed 2,200 parents with kids who play video games in the Nordics (Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland). The purpose of the project was to better understand what parents think about their kids gaming and how they interact or play along with them. Kids could be of any age, but primarily (80%) kids between 7-15 y.o.

Market profiling

For an international online betting brand, we sampled 400 online sport bettors and casino game players in the Czech Republic to determine market potential and the brand’s competitive landscape.

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We are a full-service quantitative market research agency and you can structure our collaboration to your needs: we offer DIY, DIWY or DIFY where we facilitate your entire process, including questionnaire development, target audience definitions, sampling, dashboards, and custom reporting with business recommendations.

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