Moms with infants

Moms with infants in a short life phase - make sure to make the most of it

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We have unique sampling speed and coverage

We sample moms with babies in any country in the world using Dynamic Sampling - proven and recognized by our clients.

We deliver 5,000 to 10,000 interviewswith moms with babies 0-24 months old in Europe and similar for Asia, Africa and Latin America within 2-3 weeks.  

Sampling examples include:

  • 500 interviews with moms with babies 0-6 months old in 2 weeks in Poland
  • 750 interviews with moms with babies 0-24 months old across 3 segments in 2 weeks in Brazil
  • 300 interviews with moms with babies 6-12 months old in 1 week in Algeria
  • 500 interviews with moms with babies 0-12 months old in 10 days in Thailand

Category knowhow & experience

We have delivered insights on diapers, infant milk formulas, baby food, baby clothes, pregnancy health, etc. for clients in multiple regions & countries around the globe:

  • Customer journey and touchpoints
  • Claims/pack/recipes test
  • Shopper analysis & shelf optimization
  • Brand health trackers
  • Etc.
Moms with infants in a short life phase - make sure to make the most of it

Former projects we have done in this segment include

Mom's customer journey

Identifying the moms’ customer journey in different countries to detect reach and influence on all relevant touchpoints throughout the journey, based on a reliable sample within a short timespan to identify and act fast.

Price optimization

Understanding the price elasticity of product and brands against social economic classes applying MaxDiff analysis methods.


Evaluating opportunities for new innovative line extensions, recipes, etc., across markets with different cultures and profiles.

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