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Sample young men where they already are: on their smartphones

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We have unique sampling speed and coverage

We sample young men in any country in the world using Dynamic Sampling - proven and recognized by our clients.

Sampling examples include:

  • 500 students doing a holiday job/seasonal work in 2 days in the Netherlands
  • 1,400 young men ahead of a new cellphone release in 3 weeks in UAE, Saudi Arabia, Italy, India, UK, Spain, Germany and France
  • 5,000 young men for a global IT and software company in 3 weeks in the US
  • 1,500 18-23 y.o. for a global alcoholic beverages company in less than a week in Australia, Brazil, Canada, UK and USA

Category knowhow & experience

We deliver insights for clients in multiple regions & countries around the globe:

  • Customer journey analysis
  • Name, claims & visual test
  • Package test
  • Usage & attitude test
  • Brand trackers
  • Etc.
Sample young men where they already are: on their smartphones

Former projects we have done in this segment include

Market assessment

Identifying beverage preferences for different occasions with a focus on beer consumption preferences across multiple beer styles for an international beverage company looking to map young males' usage and attitudes toward different alcoholic beverages.

Creative test

"We had a great experience working with Opeepl for consumer feedback on our creative design. They were able to assist us from end-to-end from concepting through final delivery and were extremely flexible even with our expedited timelines. The insights provided from the research and reporting were crucial to our decision-making process."

Michael Lee

Brand Director

CCP Games

Pre/post campaign tracking

"The survey activities were only focused on specific university areas across Italy, where we wanted to get some pre and post brand metrics to understand the impact of all our activities. Opeepl was capable of targeting these areas and get enough respondents. The sample and speed was great - I was very impressed with how quickly they did achieve."

Liam Laville

Global Insights Controller

Just Eat

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