Brand tracking

Brand tracking

Brand tracking is about having data that illustrates how consumers recognize, associate, and perceive your company or products.

This data is important for

  • Marketing - to shape the communication that plays into consumer's perception
  • Sales - as a pulse check on how consumers perceive their brand/products, to communicate the right massaging and debunk misconceptions
  • Innovation departments - to recognize and seize opportunities to set the company apart from other competitors

Having continuous knowledge on the likability/dislike or your company/products, value for money, quality level, brand awareness, etc. should shape the actions that you take, to ensure you meet your goals and recognize potential opportunities.

It is typically done on a continuous basis for existing products or service on the market. Depending on the depth of the tracking, it should be conducted 2, 4 or 12 times a year.

Key insights from a brand tracking

  • Product/service likability
  • Product/service value for money perception
  • Company brand awareness
  • Product/service quality evaluation

The insights will provide you with an up-to-date overview of product performance and lays the foundation for the decision-making process on further product development.

We use a range of methodologies to uncover the trends in the market which will ensure that your brand and products stay ahead of top competitors.

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