Package test

A package test tests different packaging design proposals on key brand attributes to identify the best performer.

It is performed when a new or adjusted product package has been qualified and the innovation process moves into preparing the market launch. Through several different KPIs, the new or adjusted package can betested against the brand’s own existing package or multiple developed packages. Additionally, the package test can assess the fit with the current product portfolio and be measured against top competitors to give an indication of future performance.

Key insights from a package test

  • Purchase intent
  • Stand out score
  • Product relevance and value
  • Brand coherence insights

With a package test, you get the insights needed to make a decision about which package to use for your new or adjusted product, how well it fitswith your brand and its expected performance against competitors in the market.

We offer both monadic testing (a single package) or sequential monadic testing (multiple packages) depending on your needs.


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