We do quantitative market research to keep you in the know of consumer aspirations & preferences

Research types

Market profiling

Client journey analysis

Consumer segmentation

Concept qualification

Concept testing

Package test

Visual, name & claim test

Package architecture

Pricing study

Product test

Marketing claim test

Marketing creative test

Usage & attitude test

Campaign effectiveness study

Brand tracking

Custom projects

Working with us is

Adapting your market research to a mobile world

Reducing complexity in your project management

Cutting short your time-to-market with actionable insights

We all have a smartphone in our pocket. That is why our proprietary Dynamic Sampling technology samples through mobile units and enables us to access very specific target audiences anywhere in the world.

We engage directly with consumers through our app network, giving you insights on consumer preferences and aspirations even in low IR segments.

And because we apply the same methodology all over the world, you can survey cross-nationally and compare results.

Your work is busy and complex. That is why we take ownership and optimize each step of the process in your quantitative market research projects, giving you one point of contact, observing flexibility and professionalism.

Through our end-to-end framework we help you ask the right questions, survey the right consumers and sample cross-nationally to deliver your actionable insights in our dynamic dashboards and custom reporting.

Follow your insights in our dynamic dashboards that update in real-time as sampling progresses, combine and map your survey results in a user-friendly design or download data to use them in your preferred analytical platform.

Or choose our custom reporting to have results presented tailored to your business objectives.

Get the right, actionable insights in the right time

We know time is a factor, so we offer end-to-end services or DIY, so you get your consumer insights as it suits your business.