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Modern quantitative market research for consumer brands

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Consumer research adapted to modern consumers

We have reimagined how to recruit survey respondents and target them on their smartphones. With our proprietary Dynamic Sampling technology we enable you to access any audience anywhere in the world.

We work with global consumer brands

End-to-end services

We facilitate your entire process from establishing your research framework, guidance on your questionnaire development, target audience definitions, translations, scripting and survey setup to sampling and reporting.

Research framework
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Questionnaire development
Scripting & survey setup

With us you get

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A new way to sample

Sample any audience anywhere with our proprietary sampling technology.

Leaner projects

We ensure streamlined project management and expert guidance.

Smarter insights

Go from data to decision with real-time dashboards or reporting.
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We are Opeepl

We are a full-service quantitative market research agency keeping global consumer brands in the know of consumers' desires & aspirations.

Opeepl was founded on the desire to solve two issues within market research:  
1) slow sampling, and
2) out-of-touch respondents in panels.

Through our proprietary sampling technology we offer you a modern approach to quantitative market research to give you smarter, leaner, and more actionable consumer insights.

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